Terms of Use


Terms of Service

The Terms of Service (the “Terms”) herein purports to define the legal relationship between the users of RENEW HOPE service (the “Service”)
who have agreed to the Terms provided by the Company through its platforms, including, without limitation, website, app, etc.

The Company provides the Terms, Privacy Policy, Terms of Paid Services in the proper locations of the main page of Services (regardless of form) to allow users to easily identify them.


1.1. The Terms will be deemed to have been agreed by the user when the user expresses affirmative consent to the Terms, and upon Company’s approval of the registration application submitted by the user,
the user will be regarded as a member (the “Member”) to freely use the Services in accordance with the Terms.

1.2. The Company may collect personal information such as email address of the Member in the course of applying for registration. The Member shall warrant that the information it provides is truthful and accurate.
For such collection, use and storage of personal information pursuant to this paragraph, the specific details will be included in the Privacy Policy.

1.3. The Company may suspend or reject Member’s application for registration or the registration thereafter upon confirmation of, without limitation,
mechanically automated or programmed access to the system, account theft, provision of false information, or abuse within the Services.

Rights, Duties and Indemnity of the Company

2.1 The Company reserves all the rights to the Services.

2.2 The Company shall endeavor to stably provide the Services, however, in cases of force majeure such as natural disaster, war and otherwise the equivalent facts and in case of article 3,
the provision of the Services may be suspended or stopped, in which case the Company shall not be responsible.

2.3 The Company shall not be responsible for damages caused by the use of the Contents by the Member, unless the damages were incurred by intentional or negligent act of the Company.


Renew Hope does not claim any rights to the pictures used. All credits goes to respective owners.